Official Individual Competitor List and Event Details


Jakesdelaware-126It's out! We've finally confirmed our individual competitors for the 2014 East Coast Championship. These competitors have worked hard to earn points over this season through the NutriForce Sports Points Cup. Those who qualified had to either win a competition, or place well across multiple events.

The format for the individuals we be significantly different than our regular events.

Day 1, competitors will compete in three workouts, accumulating points as they would in a regular event based off of their ranking in each workout.

Day 2, all individual competitors will complete a fourth workout.

After Workout #4, the top 8 competitors will go on to Workout #5. At this point, previous earned points are erased. The top 4 athletes from Workout #5 will go on to Workout #6. The top 2 athletes from Workout #6 will battle head to head to determine our overall Champion.



Wendel Watson Alec Smith James Engesser Kent Ingalls Derek Abdelnour Joey Sandvig Jared Butler Samuel David Adam Klink Will Hall Ben Sturgill Brendan Lynott Angelo Lee Mike Gerometta Kevin Grear Joseph Murphy Sean Sweeny [/one_half] [one_half last=last]


Sarah Burkett Alicia McKenzie Corinna Benz Kim Cocce Tori Ruckman Rise Wood Teresa Luz Andie Knox Kasey Fulwider Nicole Sanhamel Lisa Mealey Kelsey Schmitt Chassity Martin Lindsey Jacoby Dani Coghlan Jennifer Shepherd [/one_half]