Guest Post: Alicia McKenzie on the SFECC


Guest post from Alicia McKenzie, 2014 SuperFit Games Champion. Holy crap where do I begin. Saturday and Sunday, I got to spend the weekend in Richmond at the SuperFit East Coast Championship. I went into this not knowing what to expect past day 1. People kept asking me if I was ready and my only response was, “I guess we’ll find out soon.” The wasn’t just my standard response, it was the truth. I was under no impression that I had anything “locked up” and I am 100% my largest source of doubt. I have never gone into an individual competition feeling ready. I’m usually a huge ball of unstable nerves. Just ask my poor husband who has to deal with me and constantly reassure me that I’m not going to f*ck anything up. This was nothing different. In fact, the bracket on day 2 made things even worse. This whole thing could’ve been lost in one event. Talk about pressure.

Event 1 – 10 min to establish a 1RM Clean + 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk

This was by far the easiest event of the day. I practiced the week before and hit 195 so my coach decided that this would be my opener. If I needed to hit 205, I would. I did one lift at 195 and saw that I had a pretty big lead so I called it day. I was kind of disappointed I didn’t hit 200, so my take away from this is start bigger! This was a weekend about conserving energy for the bracket.


Event 2 – 8 min Snatch AMRAP with 6 pistols every min on the minute

This was my second favorite event. It’s no secret that I have a love for snatches. Started big, paced the middle sets and went HAM on the final 2 sets. Totaled 45 reps, just one short of beating Wendell :-)


Event 3 – Bodyweight hell – 50 C2B, 50 Wallball, 50 Toes to Bar. (8 min time cap)

This was the event my coach was most worried about. I weigh 160lbs. Bodyweight is not my strong suit. I was able to hold my own though and managed to be the only female to finish under the time cap. I’ll take that.


Event 4 (day 2) – 12 min AMRAP of 5 Bar muscle ups, 10 OHS and 50 DU.

I sandbagged this wod. I did 2 rounds and then stopped. SFECC cut to the top 8 after this and I had a spot secured. Points had no bearing on the overall winner so there was no use in building a lead.

Event 5 (top 8) – 2K Row

It is what it is. 7:31 PR. I was supposed to take it easy on the last 500m but Kesha came on!! I can’t slow down when Timber is blaring in my ears.

Event 6 (top 4) – 10 Clean and Jerks @ 125, 10 C&J @ 145, 10 C&J @ 165 with a 6 min time cap

This was my favorite event of the day. I love to move heavy weight! I finished in 5:??. Again, the only woman to finish. The top 2 moved onto the final.


Final Event

This is where Jamie and the SFECC tried to kill me.

50 Deadlift 275/185 40′ HS Walk 40 DB Snatch 75/45 40′ Strongman Carry 160lb in each hand 30 Axle Thruster 135/95 40′ Walking Lunge


I finished in 11:50(?). I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to stop during those damn thrusters. All week, I kept having a dream that it would come down to thrusters at the end. Go figure. After everything was said and done, this weekend was amazing, unpredictable and unforgettable. Honestly, I expected nothing less from SuperFit. I have never been disappointed by one of their events. These competitions are a great test and I always leave with notes on what I need to improve upon. Last year at regionals, my recovery was lacking. Today, after 7 events, I feel pretty good and not as beat up as I expected. That leaves me hopeful going into the Open and more confident in my abilities as a competitor.


P.S. Jamie – I do like you. Ignore anything I say after one of your final WoDs :-)