Guest Post: Will Hall's Recap of the SFECC


This past weekend I had privilege of competing at the Superfit Games East Coast Championships. This was the first competition that I've done since getting out of the Marine Corps in late November, I had taken some time to travel, spend quality time with my significant other, and join forces with the Attitude Nation. I have placed such a large emphasis on the snatch, clean & jerk, and posterior strength that I was unsure of what was going to take place in Richmond. One common goal remained all weekend, do not get eliminated from the field of competition. Everyone knew that the cuts were coming, but we didn't know what the events were after #4. Here is a brief summary on how my weekend went.

Event 1:

I felt comfortable going into this event, thinking that 315 would take the win, so I decided on opening at 295, then 320, and attempting 330 which I would fail due to having issues maintaining the hook grip on consecutive cleans. Little did I know Ben Sturgill would crush 335 and leave me in second place after the first event. JakesECC-7

Event 2:

I felt just as confident heading into this workout, I feel comfortable with each of these movements. Snatches were light, and there wasn't a significant amount of pistols. I ended up getting 47 Snatches which averages out to be roughly six per minute. I knew I needed to place well these first two events that had been announced, the last two exposed weaknesses of mine. JakesECC-13

Event 3:

I, like Alicia, went into this event being the most concerned about this one. I weigh 217lbs, chest to bar pull ups and toes to bars, aren't my favorite two movements to see come out of the hopper. Steady movement through the Chest to Bars and Wall Balls, try to have enough in the tank come the toes to bars. I was telling myself this the entire time, yet I opened with a set of 12 on the toes to bars, and it all fell apart. I struggled tremendously through this event and didn't finish within the time cap, dropping me to fifth place.

Event 4:

I slept well Saturday night, and this was the last event before the first cut took place. Again, not a strength of mine, 12 min amraps. I moved steadily, finishing just shy of 5 rounds. I wasn't sure if this was enough to make it into the top 8, but luckily it was. Ben and Jared actually stood back and cheered all of their competitors on, as they had already locked up their spots in the top 8. Now onto Event 5.

Event 5:

2k Row. My quads were sore, sorest they've been in the few months leading up to this. I love rowing, but was unsure of what was going to happen with this feeling in my legs. I began the Row expecting to hold a 1:39 for the entirety of the workout. This was not the case, when the Rower was at roughly 650m, my pace deteriorated falling to 1:47-1:49. I held that until the final 250m, then decided to leave everything I had on the Rower. Luckily this final sprint was enough to squeeze me into the top 4. Again the goal of not getting eliminated was met.

Event 6:

Clean and Jerks. Relatively light weights. Ben set a blistering pace through the first two bars, Jared who was working in front of me wasn't far behind. I knew I would have to make up time on the final bar. Jared was starting rep 4 as I started my first rep. Right there on the spot I decided I was going to try and go two reps for his one. The only thing on my mind was listening to his judge, hearing his rep count, and making mine faster than his. This was such a close finish, fighting until the last second to make it into the final.

Event 7:

My favorite workout of the weekend. I received a text from my high school wrestling coach thirty mins before saying "no one out works you" and luckily that's what this workout came down to. Low back was screaming for the entirety of the workout, but it held. All of these movements strengthening my posterior with Travis Mash, Jon North, the whole team paid off. Now onto the Open, Regionals, and hopefully beyond.

The Superfit Games is the premier organization in running these events. The amount of time put into things running smoothly, getting the best equipment in the world for every event, the judges, how quickly the scoring is updated, phenomenal. If you're reading this, and have never participated in a Superfit Competition, do it. You will not find something better. Lastly, I would like to thank my lovely girlfriend Chelsea for her support over the weekend. If there was a demand for anything, she was there. My massage therapist, supplement finder, social media queen, etc.