Team SuperFit Denver Workout #2

HSPU/Box Jump/Snatch

2min Max HSPU (HR Pushups - novice) 30 sec rest 2min Max Box Jump (24/20) 30 sec rest 2min Max Rep Snatch (135/95 rx) (95/65 novice)

Rules: Teams will receive 2min at each stations to perform as many reps as possible with a 30 second transition b/w stations.

HSPU: Each athlete will use one abmat and two (2) 25# plates. Hands may not be placed outside of the plates. The athlete must kick up to the wall in a full lockout position before attempting the first repetition. The head must make contact with the abmat and the arms must be fully locked out at the top, with both feet against the wall. For the hand release pushups, the chest must make contact with the floor with the hands released from the floor. Elbows must be fully extended at the top of the movement.

Box Jumps: The athlete must finish on top of the box with hips and knees fully extended before performing the next rep. No bounding off the box and then reaching extension.

Snatch: The bar must touch the floor each time and finish overhead with the knees, hips, and elbows fully extended. The feet must be under the hips. Press-outs are allowed, but cannot be turned into a clean and jerk/press. Bar cannot touch the shoulders or head, cannot be pressed out from below eye level, and cannot complete stop or descend after the bar has passed the hips. Deadlift into hang snatch is allowed. Full “squat” snatches and split snatches are allowed, but not required.

Scoring: Each team will receive a rank for each movement with their overall rank for the event determined by the aggregate total their rank for each movement.