WOD Outlet Featured Athlete: Lindsey Jacoby


When did you begin CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in 2007 after the birth of my second baby....running with 2 kids in the stroller was not fun, so my husband and his friends convinced me to try it, and I fell in love!

How many SuperFit Games competitions have you competed in?

I have done 5 Superfits.

What has been your favorite SuperFit Games workout?

My favorite Superfit workout was probably the final workout this past weekend in Charlottesville (I love running hills, so I was so happy to finally have a run in a Superfit workout!) ....Oh, and I liked the 2K row at the Championship...I like cardio workouts!

What would be your ideal SuperFit Games workout?

My ideal workout would have running in it, and a heavy-ish lift of some sort, and some sort of gymnastics movement.

What drives you to compete?

I have always been competitive, so finding something that I can compete in at my age and as a mom of 3 has been awesome. I love to see how far I can push myself and I also love meeting other people that push themselves! It's also important to me that my kids be around the competitions and experience it all.

What are your training goals over the next 12 months?

Over the next year I hope to get stronger in all of my lifts, and get better at all the gymnastic movements. I also hope to make it to Regionals next year.

What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

Outside of CrossFit, my kids and our little farm keep me pretty busy. I love playing pretty much any sport, and I love hiking!


Height: 5'5" Weight: 145 Back Squat: 236 C&J: 165 Snatch: 138 Fran: 3:17 Grace: 2:24