Team SuperFit Richmond Workout 1

Deadlift Ladder

Men - 225-255-285-315-345-385-415-445-475-500 Women - 155-175-195-215-235-265-285-305-325-350

Rules:Teams will get thirty (30) seconds at each station to perform four (4) deadlifts. There will be a 10 second transition between stations. Only one person may work at time. Teams can split up the reps in any manner and there is no minimum work requirement for either team member. For teams that reach the final station, as many deadlifts as possible will be performed in the 30 seconds as a tiebreaker.

Deadlift:The athlete will start with the bar on the ground and lift the weight to the finish position with the hips and knees fully extended and the athlete’s shoulders behind the bar. The bar then must be lowered back down to the ground. THERE WILL BE NO DROPPING THE BAR AT THE TOP OF A REP and no bouncing!

Score: Total Reps