Team SuperFit Philadelphia Workout 1

7min cap

2rm Hang Clean *60 Box Jump Buy-In (24/20 all divisions)*

Rules: Teams will get 7 minutes to complete 60 box jumps. With the remaining time, teams will establish a 2rm Hang Clean. Each clean MUST pass through a full squat. Score will be determined by adding the 2rm from each team member.

Hang Cleans: The bar must start between the hip and the knee, pass through a full squat and finish at the shoulders with the hips and knees fully extended with the elbows in front of the bar. A hang power clean into a front squat will be acceptable. If the athlete allows the bar to touch the floor at any point after a 2rm attempt has begun, he/she must start over.

Box Jump: Athletes must jump with two feet and land on top of the box and extend their hips and knees before coming off the box. Athletes may rebound or step down. NO STEP UPS!