SuperFit Games 2015 East Coast Championship Spectator Experience


This year's event has more vendors than last, and MANY more than our regular season competitions. Of course, our top three sponsors will be there; MuscleDriver USA with some incredible equipment deals all weekend, Hopper Apparel with their line of quality gear, and NutriForce Sports sampling and selling the best powdered supplements around.

Other notable vendors/sponsors on-site:

WOD Outlet Super Fun Yoga pants High Point Barber Shop Mac's Smack Relay Foods Richmond MultiSports

Get Recovered

We're very excited this year to have a great lineup dedicated to recovery. CryoSport Recovery with their new and innovative whole-body cryotherapy trailer, PRESSED providing massages, and local chiropractor Dr. Lisa Griffith.

Time to Party

This year we'll have not only beer and wine sales, but a bar going for part of the day. Have a good time - but don't make us kick you out.

Big Lifts

We have two lifters coming in to demonstrate their weightlifting prowess for the crowd! On Saturday, the 2014 SuperFit Games Champ Will Hall will be lifting; snatching after Team Event #1 and rolling through Squat Clean Thrusters after Team Event #3. Thanks to WOD Outlet for helping make this happen!

On Sunday, the #1 105kg+ lifter in the country, Caine Wilkes, will be snatching after Team #1 and performing Clean and Jerks after Team Event #3. As a 2x World Team member and the Pan Am Champ, you'll have few opportunities to ever see lifting of this caliber.


Team MDUSA lifters Matt Bergeron and Tayler Harris will be on hand at the MDUSA booth providing lifting tips. Come learn from experienced lifters on how to improve your snatch and clean and jerk.

Intense Events

We've structured the workouts for this weekend to make for an exciting time. Interesting movements, big lifts, and of course, our Pro division, will keep our spectators engaged throughout.