SuperFit East Coast Championship Event Information

SuperFit Games is incredibly excited to be hosting our next event at the Greater Richmond Convention Center!!


Below you will find a schedule for the day, as well as some additional event information. Workouts have been released to our website and facebook page.



All athletes must check themselves in to fill out their waiver, collect their athlete bag, put on their wrist band, and have their arms marked. Teams DO NOT have to check-in together. THERE WILL BE NO FRIDAY CHECK-IN. ATHLETES MUST WEAR THEIR WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES.

RX and Masters: Saturday outside Exhibit Hall B from 7-8:15 AM.

Novice: Saturday early check-in 8:30AM - 6:00 PM. Sunday 6:45AM - 7:30AM. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CHECK-IN DURING RX/MASTERS/PRO DIVISION CHECK-IN. We will have 300 athletes trying to check-in during at 75 minute period. We will try to get you all checked in quickly so you can begin to watch the action at 9!

Team SuperFit East Coast Championship will have a 2 person team competition for RX and Masters team on Saturday and a 2 person team competition on Sunday for Novice Teams. The team competition will be comprised of 3 events with a Final Workout for the top 5 teams in each division In addition, the of the best SuperFit athletes will go to head in a 2-day Pro Division competition. They will compete in 3 workouts on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. The top 8 athletes will compete in a 5th, the top 4 in a 6th, and the final two will battle it out for the top of the podium.

General Event Information

Team List

Heat List

Scoring will be live on Saturday!

SuperFit Rules and Scoring - Here you will find information on rules for competitors as well as our scoring system.  Please take the time to read and understand SuperFit’s judging and scoring standards.

SuperFit FAQ

Event Sponsors and Vendors

The SuperFit East Coast Championship WOULD NOT be possible without our sponsors. We would like to thank MDUSA, Hopper, Nutriforce Sports, Affiliate Guard, Air Assault, CrossFit Invoke, CrossFit RVA, fED, Journal Menu, Natural Grip, Point Box, South of Belmar, WOD Talk, CryoSports Recovery, High Point Barbershop, Kill Cliff, Mac’s Smack, PRESSED, Relay Foods, Richmond MultiSports, Superfun Yoga Pants, TherOmega Sports, WOD Outlet, Lisa



Parking information for the Greater Richmond Convention Center can be found here.

MDUSA Bars and Equipment for Sale

After the event, MuscleDriverUSA will be selling the competition bars for $275. There will also be A LOT of equipment they will be trying to sell. If you would like to reserve one of these bars or any equipment, please email or stop by MDUSA table.  You can pick up your bars up immediately after the event! A pricing list can be found here.


Information about Spectator Tickets can be found here. They will be $15/day or $25 for a weekend pass. Kids 16 and under are free!

Saturday February 7

7:00 - 8:15 - Athlete Check-in

8:30 - Workout 1 Team and Pro Judge’s Briefing

8:40 - Workout 1 Team and Pro Athlete Briefing

8:50 - Opening Ceremonies and National Anthem

9:00 - Team Workout 1 Begins

10:30 - Pro Workout 1 Begins

11:30 - Workout 2 Team and Pro Judge’s Briefing

11:40 - Workout 2 Team and Pro Athlete Briefing

11:50 - Team Workout 2 Begins

1:30 PM - Pro Workout 2 Begins

2:40 - Workout 3 Team and Pro Judge’s Briefing

2:50 - Workout 3 Team and Pro Athlete Briefing

3:00 - Workout 3 Begins

4:15 - Hopper Capital Cup and MDUSA Community Prize Category

4:35 - Pro Workout 3 Begins

5:20 - Team Final Judge’s Briefing

5:30 - Team Final Athlete Briefing

5:40 - Team Final Workout Begins

7:00 - Saturday Team Awards

Sunday February 8

6:45-7:30- Athlete Check-in

7:40 - Workout 1 Team and Workout 5 Pro Judge’s Briefing

7:50 - Workout 1 Team and Workout 5 Pro Athlete Briefing

8:00 - Team Workout 1 Begins

9:40 - Pro Workout 5 Begins

10:55 - Workout 2 Team and Pro Workout 6 Judge’s Briefing

11:05- Workout 2 Team and Pro Workout 6 Athlete Briefing

11:15 - Team Workout 2 Begins

1:20 PM - Pro Workout 5 Begins

2:10 - Workout 3 Team and Pro Workout 7 Judge’s Briefing

2:20 - Workout 3 Team and Pro Workout 7 Athlete Briefing

2:30 - Workout 3 Begins

4:20 - Pro Workout 6 Begins

4:45 - Team and Pro Final Judge’s Briefing

4:55 - Team and Pro Final Athlete Briefing

5:05 - Team Final Workout Begins

6:15 - Team Final Workout Begins

7:00 - Awards