2015 Points Cup


Bonus Points:

For every workout you win within an event, you’ll receive one additional point added to the above point distribution.

Tie Break

In the event of a tie to determine the winner of a region, or, the athletes that will qualify for the National Championship Pro Division, the tie will break to the athlete with the higher event finishes.


Athlete 1 has 2 6th place 2 person team finishes and 1 individual 1st place finish for a total of 200 points.

Athlete 2 has 2, 2 person team 1st place finishes, for a total of 200 points.

Tie will break to Athlete 2, since they had 2 1st place finishes, which Athlete 1 only had 1 1st place finish. Athlete Selection and Invitation

Athletes qualifying for the SuperFit Games National Championship Pro Division will be as follows:

1 x Last year’s Champion 4 x Regional Champions 15 x National Points Cup

If past Champions or this year’s Regional Champions do not accept their invitations, SuperFit may, at their sole discretion, invite go down to line inviting 2nd, 3rd, etc… until an invitation has been accepted.

If anyone in the top 15 placing of the National Points Cup does not accept their National Championship Pro Division invitation, SuperFit will select from current season participants to invite to the National Championship Pro Division at their sole discretion. If you are in 16th place of the points cup, and one athlete ahead of you does not accept their invitation, you are not guaranteed an invitation.