Competitor of the Month: Nate Kozma


Nate Kozma Nate Kozma - Crossfit South Hills

Height: 5' 9" Weight: 180 lbs. Back Squat: 365 Clean & Jerk: 275 Snatch: 215 Fran: 2:33 Grace: 2:16 Isabel: 3:44

What led you to CrossFit?

A friend of mine from the army told me about it. I found the closest CrossFit (CrossFit Lafayette) dropped in with a friend. We did Fran, I was hooked.

How many SuperFit’s have you attended?

I have attended two events, Charlottesville and a team event in Richmond at Crossfit RVA.

What has been your favorite SuperFit workout?

The 7 minute AMRAP of thrusters at 115# with 7 C2B every minute at Team Superfit Richmond last summer.

What’s your ideal SuperFit workout?

Thrusters and muscle ups. Fran style

What drives you to compete?

The fun And the grind. I like digging deep to see how much you have.

What are your training goals over the next 12 months?

250 Snatch 315 Clean & Jerk 2014 Regionals

What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

Guns, hunting, eating, working on motorcycles. All kinds of man stuff.