The Open is over! What next?

Open is over! Sunday at 8:00 EST marked the end of the 2013 CrossFit Games Open.  I suspect some jumped for joy at making it to regionals.  Congratulations, if you were one of the few from each region to make it into the top 48, despite five grueling and humbling workouts.  Some were just excited for it to be all over.  Maybe your final ranking didn't reflect how much you improved over the last year.  Regardless of where you finished, there is no doubt you learned something that's going to motivate you for the upcoming year.

Now what?

Take this week to get healthy.  The Open has a tendency to beat people up!

Organize your goals for your next training cycle, next six months, next year.

Work on your weaknesses.  Everyone likes the stuff they fly through and makes them feel awesome.  However, that's not how you improve.  Find a weakness that's holding you back and make it your b****!  If you suck at double unders, do them until you don't!

Train for yourself.  I know it easier said than done but don't get consumed with what others around you are doing.  If you're constantly comparing yourself to them, it will impede your progress.  You'll get so wrapped in trying to catch up to Johnny's Fran time that you'll begin to neglect the things that will actually help you get better.  Remember what I said about weaknesses?  I've seen it a million times.

Finally, be consistent.  Train consistently.  Work on your weaknesses consistently.  Consistently take care of your body.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Open in general, your performance, or what you are going to do to get better.  Drop us a comment below.