Event Host: Brickhouse CrossFit


Brickhouse CrossFit, the first CrossFit affiliate in the Roanoke Valley and the 3rd in all of Southwest Va, opened on April 15, 2010 with only a single barbell and set of bumpers in an 800 sqft downtown loft. Owners Jay and Amanda Forrester were inspired by CrossFit owner Greg Glassman's business approach of a singular undying commitment to excellence.

Taking seriously the responsibility of opening the first CrossFit affiliate in the area and determined to set the quality standard high, they hired Jeremy Thiel of CrossFit Central as their mentor. The strength and reputation of the CrossFit Central community was unparallelled globally at the time and the Forresters wanted to take that knowledge to set the highest possible bar in Roanoke.

Committed solely to constantly improving the quality of coaching and programming, Brickhouse CrossFit grew and expanded into a 3,000 sqft facility inside of the first 6 months in business. Growing slowly and steadily by word of mouth allowed them slowly adapt coaching processes to further increase quality while group training sizes expanded.

In 2012 they started the first USAW Club in the Roanoke Valley, were featured on the cover of The Roanoke magazine, voted "Best Kept Secret in Roanoke" and expanded into a 12,000 sqft facility with multiple training areas including 6 Olympic platforms and an outdoor training area.

Today Brickhouse CrossFit trains nearly 300 athletes, 90 of which competed in the 2013 CrossFit Games Open. Now more than ever, they are stubborn in their singular undying commitment to excellence in coaching and programming and look to the future with only hope and gratitude for this great sport of CrossFit.