All-New Titan Division; Coming Up At SuperFit 757


The SuperFit Games competitions are designed to test all-around fitness; including power, strength, endurance, and stamina. We've worked hard to ensure that our events can be completed by a wide range of athletes and skill levels, so that as many healthy, fit people as possible have the opportunity to compete. But while there's no denying how impressive it is for some athletes to excel at many aspects of fitness, it's no secret that many in our community have an ongoing love affair with lifting heavy things. We wanted to provide an additional opportunity to cater to these athletes. The ones that care less about their 2K row time, and more about their deadlift max; and those who have ditched the Zone-Paleo-IF for GOMAD (or BODAD, Box of Donuts a Day, for the brave).

In all seriousness, we wanted a chance to test the strongest SuperFit competitors with weights outside of what can be expected from the average competitor, with heavier weights and different implements. Our new Titan Division, which you'll find at our upcoming SuperFit 757 and SuperFit Rubicon, will do just that. Implementing aspects of powerlifting, strongman, and Olympic weightlifting, and some standard SuperFit fare, the Titan division will bring an entirely new challenge to the SuperFit Games.

Along with RX, Scaled, and Masters Divisions, check out the Titan Division at the upcoming SuperFit 757 on 6/22 in Norfolk, VA!