MuscleDriver USA Sponsoring the SuperFit Games


We are proud to announce that Muscle Driver (MDUSA), one of the leading equipment suppliers in the US, will be sponsoring the 2013 SuperFit Games competitions.  MDUSA will be providing barbells for each of our events as well as contributing to our prize packs.  We're excited to have such a well-known brand taking part in SuperFit, and with all of the quality work they do (including making 100% of their bars in house), it was an easy decision. MDUSA has a history of supporting athletes, including CrossFit Game's competitor Elizabeth Akinwale, and their weightlifting team, Team MDUSA.  By working with SuperFit, they're extending that support to a whole new group of athletes.  Their sponsorship will continue to improve the quality of our events, bringing better prizes, and high quality equipment.

You'll soon see MDUSA at many of our events, and we'll hopefully be providing opportunities to purchase some equipment from them on site.

Be sure to check out the next time you're looking to buy equipment for your affiliate or garage gym!