SuperFit 757 Recap

757 recap image June 22nd marked SuperFit's first ever trip to the 757!  Hosted by Crossfit 757 in Norfolk, VA, athletes competed in an individual contest coming from as far away as Ohio.  SuperFit 757 also debuted our new Titan Division with significantly heavier workouts with generally shorter time domains.  SuperFit 757 proved to be a successful event with over 100 competitors and 200 spectators in attendance.  The competition got off to a fast and furious start with the snatch complex and never slowed down!

Male Rx Winners:

1st - Kent Ingalls

2nd - Alec Smith

3rd - Andrew Jordan

male rx winners

Female Rx Winners:

1st - Nicole Kirkendall

2nd - Corinna Benz

3rd - Tori Ruckman

female rx winners

Male Scaled Winners:

1st - Austin Mitchell

2nd - Casey Ruff

3rd - Joshua Duran

male scaled winners

Female Scaled Winners:

1st - Lauren Coverstone

2nd - Laken Sumerville

3rd - Cori Howell

female scaled winners

Male Masters Winners:

1st - Gregory Weate

2nd- Garth Kunkle

3rd - Kevin Clinch

male masters winners

Male Titan Winners:

1st - Dave Marmon

2nd - Joseph Foulis

Female Titan Winners:

1st - Megan Wood

2nd - Morgan German

3rd - Taylor Hughes

Athletes in each division battled it out through a grueling 15 minute AMRAP to take home the first place medal.


1 Rope Climb (Rx divisions only)

50 Double Unders (25 for scaled and masters divisions)

15 Wall Balls

5 Front Squats (185/115 rx) (115/65 scaled)

Titan Final;


10 Box Jumps

10 Wall Balls

5 Front Squats (225/135)

Thanks again to Crossfit 757 for be such an excellent host, providing a great venue, volunteers and judges.  We are already looking forward to our next individual event in December at Crossfit Rubicon.