SuperFit Raleigh Recap

SFrecap1 Team SuperFit Raleigh marked our first trip to the Tar Heel state.  Hosted by Crossfit Invoke, athletes competed in a two-man team contest, coming from as far away as Georgia and Roanoke, VA.  Team SuperFit Raleigh proved to be an extremely successful event with over 160 competitors and roughly 200 spectators in attendance.  Crossfit Sua Sponte showed they are a gym to be reckoned with as they claimed several spots in the top 5 as well as two first place finishes.


The action started with an ascending ladder of power cleans and wall balls.  Event 2, aptly named “something for the little guys” was a grueling 10 minute AMRAP of double unders, burpees, and pistol squats.  Coming into this event in particular, we thought teams would go after a nice steady pace but just the opposite unfolded with teams coming out of the gate sprinting and never slowing the pace!  Event 3 was a team couplet with a 21-15-9 rep scheme of deadlifts and shoulder-to-overhead.  This one was a dead (no pun intended) sprint with a handful of teams completing the workout in less than 3 minutes!


Athletes in each division battled it out through a grueling 12 minute capped Chipper.

“Final Chipper”

1000m Row

80 DB Snatch (50/35)

60 Box Jumps (24” rx/ 20” scaled)

40 Front Squats (135/95 rx) (115/65 scaled)

20 Muscle Ups (rx) – 20 Ring Pullups (scaled)


Teams flew through the first four movements with the muscle ups proving to be the great equalizer.  In both the MM(rx) and MF (rx) the winning team in the workout (and the winning team overall) came from behind to win by one rep, proving once again that every rep counts!





Male - Male Rx Winners:

1st –Crossfit Sua Sponte Team 1 – Nathan Trevillian and Drew Anderson

2nd – Crossfit Krypton – Alec Smith and Adam Klink

3rd – Georgia Boys – Daniel Wentzel and Chris Nash








Male - Female Rx Winners:

1st – CFG – Rudy Magdaleno and Amanda Leigh

2nd – Kick and Stretch – Mike Darlington and Kim Cocce

3rd – gymNASTY – Spencer Munn and Megan Gilbert










Female - Female Rx Winners:

1st – Crossfit Sua Sponte Girls – Misty Bingham and Ashley Denton

2nd – Ta-Keel-A – Tatyana Kirichenko and Keeli Michael

3rd – Army Strong – Shevez Freeman and Chelsea Wrenn









Male - Male Scaled Winners:

1st – Ebony and Ivory – Jack Yancey and Nick Colvin

2nd – Rocktown Silverbacks – Nate Black and Chris Beahm

3rd – UNC Crossfit – Zachary DelConte and Josh Morton









Male - Female Scaled Winners:

1st – Two Poods in a Pod – Paul Boyles and Paige Boyles

2nd – Twiddy’s Swole Mates – Misty McConnell and Brad Alderton

3rd – Sassy Hoodrats – Adam Sass and Betsy Hood








Female - Female Scaled Winners:

1st – Rock and Load – Lauren Coverstone and Katie Goebel

2nd – Bring It – Lucia Melby and Jessie Maxwell

3rd – Shake and Bake – Caroline Arrowood and Autumn Hibberd




Thank you once again to Christmas Abbott and Crossfit Invoke for being such an incredible host.  We are look forward to returning to Raleigh next year!