Team SuperFit Richmond Volunteer Information


Thanks again for helping us out at this weekend's event, Team SuperFit Richmond.


Here is General Event Information.  All volunteers will receive a Team SuperFit Richmond Hopper t-shirt as well as lunch provided by fED.


If there are any issues with the information below, please let me know as soon as possible.


Schedule for Saturday,August 24th:


7:00AM - The following volunteers report to assist with check-in:

Andie Yates

Elaine Katz

Sydney Brooks


7:15 AM – Check In Opens/Spectator Tickets Available/Doors Open

8:15 AM – Check In Closes (NO LATE CHECK INS)



8:30 AM – WOD#1 Judge Briefing 8:45 AM – Introduction, WOD#1 Athlete Briefing 9:00 AM – WOD#1 Begins

11:40 AM – WOD#2 Judge Briefing 11:55 AM – WOD#2 Athlete Briefing 12:11 PM – WOD#2 Begins 2:15 PM – WOD#3 Judge Briefing 2:30 PM – WOD#3 Athlete Briefing 2:42 PM – WOD#3 Begins 5:00 PM - FINAL WOD Judge Briefing 5:15 PM - FINAL WOD Athlete Briefing 5:28 PM - FINAL WOD Begins 7:00 PM - Awards



I realize that there is some extra pressure and responsibility associated with being a judge, but it is also very rewarding.  We will be running judge's briefings before each workout, and consistently try to keep movements simple and easy to judge.  This makes judging easier as well as keeps our competitor happy.

Tyler Forrest

Charles Payne


Benjamin "Everything is better with Cheddar" Turner

Jason German

Joey McGourn

Kara Thompson

Hazel Klein

John Veal

Anthony Peavey

David Weissman

Eric Kroeber

Ashley Williams

Jess Sudduth

Miles Furr

Robert Swearingen

Anthony Peavey

Davin Terrell``

Joey McGourn

Elizabeth Sobka

Kim Kresge

Ashley Fenn

Chris Bellios

Alissa Nicholson

Jon Moore

Owen Ricketts

General Help: General help will be assigned to collect spectator admission, assist with running scores to/from the judges to the scoring table, assisting with inputting scores, and help keep the facility clean through the event

Kari Helgason

Manuel Liban

Brandon Miller

Shelby Crouch

Tim Paredes

Elaine Katz


Mary Cabell Sulc

Andie Yates

Sydney Brooks

Jill Parcell

Heather Winkle

Sara Swearingen

marlon zunuga

Anne Kresge

stephanie goldstein

Thora Halldorsdottir

Chris Bellios


Thanks again, and please let me know if there are any issues with the assignments/scheduling above for you.