Athlete Spotlight: Wendell Watson


What led you to CrossFit? After graduating college and moving down to VA for my career I was looking to fill a void. I went from playing hockey at really high levels in both Canada and college, to playing pickup twice a week. This left me absent of that competitive feeling. Beer league hockey wasn't cutting it for me anymore and a local Crossfit affiliate was on my radar, being really close to my office. Once it became Crossfit West Springfield (CFWS) they changed their requirements for beginners. When I saw on their website they were offering classes at 7pm for beginners I couldn't resist and I dropped in to give it a go. Right away I was drawn to the competitive nature of Crossfit. For those that know me, I'm always on the go and I'm constantly looking to improve every aspect of my life. Crossfit, specifically the CFWS family, offered me the fix I needed in more areas of my life than just being healthy/fit.

How many SuperFit's have you attended? I've competed in a total of four SuperFit's and I'm registered for more this year. Wow, that's a lot considering I am (as Alicia puts it) a "Crossfit Baby."

What has been your favorite SuperFit workout? My favorite SuperFit workout would have to be one from the last SuperFit Charlottesville Individual competition. The first workout of the weekend consisted of 4 stations; each station was 1 minute long with a 20 second transition. The stations were 155lb ground to overhead, 135lb ground to overhead, max effort double-unders, and row for calories. I'd LOVE to have another crack at that one now that my max double-unders is at 179 unbroken and my cardio/strength has gone way up. I believe I ended up 7th at the time though (stupid double-unders).

What's your ideal SuperFit workout? My ideal SuperFit workout is a combination of strength and gymnastics that nobody likes to do. I enjoy curveballs in the workouts and only those athletes that train for them can really appreciate that. Most workouts can be very generic and routine; I like the odd and unknown.

What drives you to compete? Well being able to train with George and Alicia McKenzie has really helped push me. I don't like losing, period. George and Alicia are exactly the same way, so every day we are in the gym we are pushing each other to the limits. We have a great group of athletes I train with daily and I don't take days off because I'm held accountable and I sure as heck hold them accountable. So the relationships we're building really help drive me to new levels. There are a bunch of other selfish reasons too, but simply put, I'm a competitor at heart and I don't ever want to settle for 2nd best at anything in life, be it Crossfit or a job promotion.

What are your training goals over the next 12 months? I have a lot of goals in the next 6-12 months. Right now we are really focusing on strength training but that doesn't stop me from expecting my best performance in competitions. I would have to say my immediate goal is to take 1st place in a local competition. I'd like to improve my snatch because Kent from Crossfit Forward is 175lbs soaking wet and can hit something like 260lbs and I'm over here struggling with sticking 235lbs. I'd like to be able to do more unbroken chest-2-bar pullups than Alicia, as well as various other gymnastic goals. I'd like to make it to the SuperFit Games East Coast Championship as an individual and place in the top 8 to make the second day. I just signed up for the OC Throwdown and I think that would be awesome to qualify for. This year I'd also settle for nothing less than making it to the Crossfit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals. I know it's a tall order, but I'm determined and I have every intention of making the sacrifices needed to accomplish these goals. If not this year, next year, never going to stop finding new ways to improve my fitness.

What are your interests outside of CrossFit? I'm a big time bow hunter and fisherman. If I'm not at CFWS training, you can find me 20ft up a tree somewhere. I enjoy hunting for deer, duck, turkey, bear and geese all over Virginia, Canada and wherever I can afford. My girlfriend and I really enjoy cooking together and visiting all the great vineyards Virginia has to offer. I am exceptionally lucky to have a girlfriend who allows me to pursue all my passions (she hates hunting btw) - I'm truly blessed and grateful.

Height: 5'9" on a good day

Weight: 194lbs

Back Squat: 425

Clean & Jerk: 315

Snatch: 225

Fran: I may be the only Crossfit athlete who has never done FRAN.

Grace: been too long to remember, but it was sub 2 minutes.

Isabelle: no clue.