SuperFit Texas Team Challenge: Workout #1





  • Pullups  (1 rep = 1pt.)
  • Cleans (185/135rx) (115/80 scaled) (1 rep = 5pts.)


Rules:  Only one teammate works at a time.  Teams will have the option to do as many cleans and pullups as possible in 5 minutes.  Reps can be completed in any manner.  Teams will receive 1pt. per pullup and 5pts. per clean.

Pullups:  Arms must be fully extended to start each repetition.  The chin must break the plane of the bar.  Deadhang, kipping, and butterfly pullups are acceptable.

Cleans:  Must be pulled from the floor each rep and finish with the bar at the shoulders with knees and hips fully extended.  Elbows must be in front of the bar.  Power cleans and full cleans are acceptable.

Scoring:  Total Points