SuperFit Texas Team Challenge: Workout #2



  • Amrap 4 Deadlift (275/185rx) (225/155 scaled)
  • 1min. rest
  • Amrap 4 Pistols (Jump squats scaled)


Rules:  Teams will start by performing as many deadlifts as possible in 4 minutes.  They will receive a minute break then move on to performing as many pistols as possible in 4 minutes.  Teams will get a rank for each movement.  Teams will receive an aggregate ranking to determine placing for the workout. Only one person may work at a time.


Deadlifts:  The athlete must finish with hips and knees fully extended with the shoulders behind the bar.  No” bouncing” is allowed!


Pistol Squats:

Athlete must balance on one leg and perform a squat with the hip crease passing below the knee with the “off leg” remaining off the floor. The athlete must stand all the way up (hips fully extended) before the “off leg” makes contact with the ground.  Alternating is not required.