SuperFit Rubicon Workout #1



For Time: (10min cap)

500m Row 1 Squat Clean (185/125) (135/85 scaled and Masters) 400m Row 2 Squat Cleans 300m Row 3 Squat Cleans 200m Row 4 Squat Cleans 100m Row 5 Squat Cleans

Rules: Each 100m rowed equals one "rep" in the event of the workout not being completed within the time cap. Teams will receive a one second penalty for each rep not completed within the 10 minute cap. 100m segments are all or nothing i.e. 99m on the final row equals ZERO reps, 150m rowed equals one rep.

Row: Judges must see the rower trip the appropriate distance before the athlete may get off the rower. The athlete is responsible to resetting the rower for each round. All athletes will use the “just row” option.

Squat Clean: The barbell must be pulled from the floor and pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee). Hips and knees must be fully extended (locked out) at the top with both feet under the hips and elbows in front of the bar.

Row/Clean (Titan)

For Time: (10min cap)

500m Row 2 Squat Clean (225/155) 300m Row 4 Squat Cleans 100m Row 6 Squat Cleans