Team SuperFit Bel Air - Workout #1


2min Max Calorie Assault Bike

rest 30 seconds

2min Max Rep Clean (185/125 RX) (135/85 Novice)

rest 30 seconds

2min Max Calorie Row

Rules: Teams will receive 2 minutes at each station to perform as many reps as possible with a 30 second transition b/w stations. Each team will have 2 Assault bikes and 2 rowers. This event will be scored on total points. Assault bike = 3pts, Clean = 2 pts, Row = 1pt.

Cleans: Must be pulled from the floor and finish with the bar at the shoulders with knees and hips fully extended. Elbows must be in front of the bar. Squat, power, and deadlifts into hang cleans are all acceptable.

Dynamic Duo


Angelo and Michaela Lee have been competing in SuperFit Games competitions for years, both as individuals and team mates. This brother/sister duo works together to bring out the best in each other during competition. They both have a special insight into each other's strengths and weaknesses, making them a force to be reckoned with on the competition floor. Watch to learn more about these seasoned competitors.

November Event Announcements!

Announcing two new events to our 2014 Season Schedule!

We are pleased to announce we will be holding two more events this November. On November 8, 2014, we will be in Nutriforce Sports' hometown at CrossFit Miami Lakes!

Register Here

November 15-16, we will once again partner with CrossFit Forney to bring you two 1-day competitions that include RX, Novice, Master's (40+) and a Youth (8-15) division!

Register Here

Announcing the 2014 Hopper Apparel Capital Cup


SuperFit_CapitalCup_2014_Insta[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="autopx" height="" background_color="#ffffff" border_width="1" border_color="#dddddd" ]The SuperFit Games has a long running history of of packed events in the DC area. In 2012 and 2013, we covered 3 events in the area. In 2014 alone, we'll be having 4 events within easy driving distance: Lorton, Maryland, DC, and Rubicon.

The greater DC area has always been a competitive hotspot. Now, it's time to up the ante. The Hopper Apparel 2014 Capital Cup will pit the area's finest athletes against each other to crown a champion.

Athletes in the RX division will collect points based on placings across multiple SuperFit Games competitions surrounding the DC area.  The top 3 male and female athletes will get an automatic berth into the Pro division of the SuperFit Championship event, gear from Hopper Apparel and free entry into DC area SuperFit events in 2015.






Sweet-ass Capital Cup Trophy
$250 Gift Certificate from Hopper Apparel $175 Gift Certificate from Hopper Apparel $75 Gift Certificate from Hopper Apparel
Automatic entry into 2015 SuperFit Games East Coast Championship Pro Division
Free entry into 2015 SuperFit Games DC-area events (covers your portion of ticket for team events)


    • Points cover Lorton, Maryland, DC, and Rubicon events
    • Must compete in at least 2 events to be eligible for the points cup
    • Must compete in RX division to earn points
    • Ties will be broken by counting the total highest placings for entire events. If that does not break the tie, we'll count top placings for individual workouts within events
    • Points will be calculated in the following manner for each individual:


Two Person Teams

1st: 100 2nd: 95 3rd: 90 4: 85 5: 80 6: 75 7: 70 8: 65 9: 60 10: 55 11: 50 12: 45 13: 40 14: 35 15: 30 16: 25 17: 20 18: 15 19: 10 20: 5 1st: 100 2nd: 90 3rd: 80 4: 70 5: 60 6: 50 7: 40 8: 30 9: 20 10: 10

Team SuperFit Charlotte Event Information



All competitors must check themselves in to sign our waiver, get your competitor number, and collect your athlete bag. We will have check-in at CrossFit Steele Creek on Friday from 5:30-6:30PM and on Saturday from 7-8:00AM. There will be NO LATE CHECK-INS, so please arrive on time. I have attached the waiver to this email for you to print out and bring with you to save time at check-in.

Team SuperFit Charlotte is a 4 person team competition with RX and Novice divisions. The competition will be comprised of 3 events with a Final Workout for the top 5 teams in each division.

General Event Information

Heat List

Scoring will be live on Saturday!

SuperFit Rules and Scoring - Here you will find information on rules for competitors as well as our scoring system.  Please take the time to read and understand SuperFit’s judging and scoring standards.

SuperFit FAQ


Parking and Competitor Area Set-up

CrossFit Steele Creek has plenty of space for parking and tents to be set up near your cars outside. While CrossFit Steele Creek is a large facility, we encourage our athletes to hang out outside the gym to leave plenty of space for spectators to watch the workouts.

Event Sponsors and Vendors

SuperFit wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without our event sponsors providing us with equipment as well as swag for our athlete and winner bags. We would like to thank our sponsors: Hopper Apparel Co., MDUSA, NutriForce Sports, TherOmega Sport, Journal Menu, Affiliate Guard, Rigquipment FInance, WodTalk, and Wod Outlet.

MDUSA Bars for Sale

After the event, MuscleDriverUSA will be selling the competition bars for $275. If you would like to reserve one of these bars, please email or stop by the scoring table.  You can pick up your bars up immediately after the event!

Schedule (Estimated)

Friday July 11

5:30-6:30PM - Early Check-in

Saturday July 12

7:00 AM - Athlete Check-in/Spectator Tickets Available/Doors Open

8:00 AM - Registration Closes - ALL ATHLETES and VOLUNTEERS REPORT

8:30 AM - Workout #1 Judge’s Briefing

8:45 AM - Workout #1 Team Briefing

9:00 AM - Workout #1 Begins

11:00 AM - Workout #2 Judge’s Briefing

11:15 AM - Workout #2 Team Briefing

11:30 AM - Workout #2 Begins

1:23 PM - Workout #3 Judge’s Briefing

1:38 PM - Workout #3 Team Briefing

1:53 PM - Workout #3 Begins

3:39 PM - Final Workout Judge’s Briefing

3:56 PM - Final Workout Athlete Briefing

4:09 PM - Final Workout Begins

5:30 PM - Awards


Spectator Fee is $10, cash only.  Kids 16 and under are free.

Looking forward to a great competition this weekend! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.