I NEED ALL THE FOOD: The top three ways to stay fueled for top performance at a SuperFit Event


It’s your first SuperFit event and you basically know what to expect: an early day, interesting and challenging workouts, your friends and family cheering you on and high-fives all around.  But how do you maintain your energy to make it to workout three?  How do you stay on top of your game?  We have three ideas that will help you perform at your best:


If you’re Paleo, Zone, counting your macros or on the seefood (I see food, I eat it) diet it’s important to use carbohydrates to remain energized and on point.  Three workouts over the course of a day will deplete not only muscle glycogen but also the glycogen stores in your liver.  Don’t be that person who bonks on the competition floor because you didn’t eat enough carbs.

2. Speaking of carbs, make sure your sources come from whole foods. 

In fact, make sure the majority of your fuel throughout the day is sourced from whole food.  Pro tip: bring your lunch box or cooler, and just like you meal prep for the week, pack three meals to eat between events.  Depending on how much your stomach can handle, try eating a small fat/protein meal before workout 1, a medium carb/protein meal before workout 2, and a snack of carb/protein before OR after workout 3. 


Start hydrating the Thursday before the event.  One of our favorite tricks to to mix the juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of salt (Himalayan Pink Salt is packed with essential minerals) and 20 ounces of cold water.  Stir. Sip.  Feel the cool wave of hydration break over you.  Seriously, these events are long, you WILL sweat and you must replace those fluids.  Our homemade sports drink can help.  Hydration will be especially important in the summer when events are extremely hot.  


There are many other tips and tricks we could recommend but carbing up, eating whole foods, and managing hydration are the simple and easiest ways to stay ready and be at your best.  Until next time, train hard, have fun, and we’ll see you on the competition floor.  

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