It’s not what you do but who you do it with: How to pick your partner for a SuperFit Event.


Are you competing in a SuperFit event? Well, you’re going to need a partner and here’s how to do it:

  • Pick someone fun!  You’re going to spend the entire day with this person, maybe even a car ride and a hotel the night before, and you’re going to have to work through fun but challenging workouts that require communication and teamwork. Don’t pick the best athlete in the gym as a partner, pick your favorite.  Everyone wants to end the day with high-fives and hugs, make sure it’s with someone you love to train with.

  • Once you’ve found your favorite person make sure that you have some complementary skills.  Our workouts often allow athletes to pick and choose which movements they perform so make sure that your partner can pick up the slack where you fall off and vice-versa.  If both of you have a 500 pound deadlift but can only string together 3 pull-ups it could be a long day.

  • Hold each other accountable.  Sign up early for a SuperFit and commit to preparing to compete.  Attend class at your gym together, work on weaknesses after the class is done, and strategize on how you will approach SuperFit style workouts.  Go through our archive of past events ( and try some of those to see how you shake out.  Use SuperFit to give focus and energy to your training and watch the results follow.

Competing is fun.  It’s even more fun with a partner.  It’s the best with a fun partner.  So get out there, sign up for a SuperFit, prepare together and hit the floor ready to do your absolute best!  Who knows, you may even end up on the podium.

registration is open for The 2018 superfit games championship on january 27. Secure your spot!