You want me to do WHAT? How to train for a SuperFit Event


You found your partner, you’ve picked your event date and place and you’re a month out from a SuperFit event.  

What do you do?  How do you prepare for three difficult--but fun!-- workouts? These are some of our thoughts:

  • KEEP TRAINING.  CrossFit Class at a local box, Gym WOD at home, MisFit, CompTrain, Invictus, Super-Secret-Squirrel-Program, it doesn't matter.  Train how you’ve always trained with consistency and you will be ready to thrive on the day of your SuperFit Event.  

  • Outside of your daily training you can try this: practice movement transitions with your partner.  Many of our workouts require partners to switch out between barbell, gymnastic, rowing, Assault Bike, or bodyweight movements.  Rehearse these with your partner.  Figure out where you’ll stand as your partner performs their reps and how you will move into position to replace them.  Do this with pull-ups, Toes-To-Bar, cleans, and rowing.  Do it in as many combinations as you can imagine.  Start slow and then speed up switching out until it is second hand.  You’ll want to be able to do it without thinking on event day.

  • Practice “good” and “bad” workouts.  We all have our strength and weaknesses.  Since you won’t know what the workouts are until the week of the SuperFit event, we recommend that you and your partner identify what you’re good at, not so good at, and downright awful at and work at each.  You want to get a little bit better at what already is easy for you and minimize as much as possible what always holds you back.  On event day you’ll have the confidence to know where you can survive and where you can push.

  • Speaking of push: learn HOW to push.  We recommend two ways.  First, go for broke and try to blast through your daily workouts.  Value intensity over everything but carefully not where you will fall off.  Try each time to get past the point.  Second, split the workout into 80% and 20% (either time or reps) and pace for 80% before redlining for the last 20%.  This means that during an AMRAP 10 you would sustain a tough but doable pace for 8 minutes and go crazy for the last two.  On a repetition based workout, like Fran, you would pace for 72 of the 90 total reps and go hellbent on the last 18.  This will make you comfortable with finding where the line is for you.

Until next time, train hard, have fun, and we’ll see you on the competition floor.  

registration is open for The 2018 superfit games championship on january 27. Secure your spot!