Volunteer Information

The SuperFit Games are judged and supported entirely by volunteers. Typically our volunteers are members of the host gym and the surrounding community who offer up their time to help us make SuperFit happen. 

Our volunteers can expect to receive a complimentary meal and t-shirt for helping us put on a great event.

To make for the best possible competitive experience:

  • We strive to get the best possible judges in the area each time, collecting information about prior experience. And each of those judges, who stand in the spotlight throughout the competition, want nothing more than to count every rep fairly and accurately.
  • We provide very simple, clear scoresheets for the judges to use. These require that judges mark off reps and rounds at regular intervals. This makes it very difficult for judges to miscount entire rounds or miss alrge numbers of reps.
  • We will be releasing a judges handbook to cover the basics of judging, and make clear our expectations to the judges prior to each event.
  • We instruct judges to be vocal and clear when counting total reps, as well as missed reps.
  • We have more experienced personnel in place (affiliate owners, instructors, or SuperFit staff) above the judges, watching to maintain standards.

When beginning a workout, make sure to talk with your team:

  • Clarify how they will be counting aloud good reps, total reps, no reps, etc..
  • Have your team perform a few reps of the movements to verify standards.

We purposely choose workouts and movements that are as simple as possible, while still making for an exciting competition. The result is competitions that are easily judged, making for the least number of scoring discrepancies. That being said, the onus is on the competitor to clearly conform to the standards of the movements involved.