Team SuperFit Lorton Workout 1

In 10 Minutes


Synchronized Thrusters (135/85 RX) (95/55 N)

Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

*w/ Remaining Time, Max Rep Squat Clean (205/145 RX) (135/85 N)


Rules:  Teams will get 10 minutes to complete the 30-20-10 rep scheme.  With the remaining time, teams will complete as many reps as possible of squat cleans.  The 30-20-10 will also be synchronized with one male and one female partner working together for coed teams and two people working together for same sex teams..  For all synchronized reps, athletes must start each rep at the same time and finish each rep at the same time. If an athlete beats another to the top of the movement, that will be allowed.  However, they must again, descend at the same time.  Teammates may sub out at any point. The weights will increase to (155/105 RX) and (115/65 N) for the round of 20.  The weights will increase again for the round of 10 (185/125 RX) (135/85 N).  With remaining time, teams will complete as many squat cleans as possible.  Only one person may work at time.  

Scoring:  The 30-20-10 and squat cleans will be scored as two separate events.  Teams will receive a one second penalty for each rep not completed within the time cap.

Thrusters:  Athletes must pass through a full squat and in one continuous motion press the bar overhead with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended.   NO jerking will be allowed.

Burpees:  The athlete’s chest must make contact with the ground at the same time with a hand release and then a jump, at the same time, over the bar. There must be a two foot jump w/ feet leaving the ground at the same time.