Team SuperFit Richmond Workout 2

4 Rounds

In 90 seconds complete…

20 C2B Pullups (12 Pullups Novice)

Max Rep STOH

Rds. 1-2 (135/85 RX) (95/65 N)

Rds. 3-4 (155/105 RX) (115/75 N)


Rules:  The workout will be comprised of four 90 second rounds. There will be a 30 second transition between rounds.  At the beginning of each round, teams must complete 20 C2B Pullups (RX) or 12 Pullups Novice) With the remaining time, teams will complete as many STOH as possible. Score will be total points.  Point values start at 1 point for rounds 1-2 and increase to 2 points for the 3rd and 4th rounds.  All C2B/pullups must be completed before STOH attempts begin.


C2B:  Athletes must make contact with the bar at or below the collarbone.  The arms must be fully extended at the bottom of the movement.  Novice/Masters athletes must get their chin over the bar with arms fully extended at the bottom of the movement.

Shoulder-to-Overhead:  The bar must go from the shoulder to the overhead position with elbows, hips, and knees fully extended with the bar over the body.  Press, push press, push jerk, and split jerk is acceptable.