Team SuperFit Charlotte Workout 1

Max Complex

8 Min

1 Snatch + 1 OHS + 1 Hang Snatch

*60 OHS buy-in (135/85 RX) (95/65 N)*


Rules:  Teams will get 8 minutes to reach a max complex.  Before any complex attempts can begin, teams must complete 60 OHS reps.  Each team member must complete 15 reps.  All 15 individual reps must be complete before the next team member begins their 15 reps.  After 60 reps are completed, teams will have the remaining time to reach their maxes.


Snatch:  The bar must be pulled from the floor and pass through a full squat and finish overhead with the knees, hips, and elbows fully extended.  The feet must be under the hips.  No deadlifts into a hang snatch will be allowed.  A squat is not required

OHS:  With the bar overhead, the athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee).  Hips and knees must be fully extended at the top of the movement with the arms locked out.

Hang Snatch:  The bar must be pulled from between the knee and hip and finish with the bar overhead with the hips and knees fully extended.  A squat is not required