Team SuperFit Delaware Workout 2

7 Minutes

250 Double Unders (100 Novice)

*with remaining time*

Front Squat

(Score is total weight lifted)


Rules:  Teams will start the workout with double unders.  Once all reps are complete, they will have the remaining time to lift as much total weight as possible.  ***Teams will choose their front squat weight.  Coed teams will choose 2 weights.  Male RX = 185/155/135. Female RX = 125/105/85.  Male Novice = 135/115/95. Female Novice = 85/65/55.***  The weight must be used for the entire workout.  Teams will not be allowed to change weights once the workout begins.  Only one person may work at time.  Teams may switch at any point.  Score is total weight lifted.  



Double Unders: The rope must pass under the feet twice. If the rope is trapped on the second pass, the rep does not count.

Front Squat:  The hip crease must pass below the knee, returning to a standing position with the hips and knees fully extended.