Team SuperFit Delaware Workout 3

12 Minute Cap

70 Calorie Row

35 STOH (135/85 RX) (95/65 N)

70 Wall BAlls (20/14 All Divisions)


Rules:  Teams will have 12 minutes to complete the workout.  Teams will split into male/female pairs.  Each pair will complete the rep scheme.  The second pair may not begin until the first pair is done with the row.  The second pair may not move on to the next movement until the first pair has finished.  Only one person per pair may work at a time.  Time ends when the second pair finishes their 70 wall balls.  Teams will receive a one second penalty for each rep not completed within the time cap.

Row:  Teams will row until they reach 100 calories.

Shoulder-to-Overhead:  The bar must go from the shoulder to the overhead position with elbows, hips, and knees fully extended with the bar over the body.  Press, push press, push jerk, and split jerk are acceptable.

Wall Balls:  The athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) and contact the line/target at or above the appropriate level.