Team SuperFit Hampton Roads Workout 1

4 Rounds

In 90 Seconds Complete...

20 Box Jumps (M/RX 30) (MF/F 4X 24) (M Novice 24) (MF/f Novice 20)

Max Rep Thrusters

*Thruster weight increases each round*

RX: 115/75, 135/85, 155/105, 185/125

Novice: 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/85


Rules:  The workout will be comprised of four 90 second rounds. There will be a 30 second transition between rounds.  At the beginning of each round, teams must complete 20 box jumps. With the remaining time of the round, teams will complete as many thrusters as possible. Score will be total points.  Point values increase by 1 point at each bar, starting at 1pt at the first bar and finishing with 4 points.  All box jump reps must be completed before thruster attempts begin.

Thrusters:  Athletes must pass through a full squat and in one continuous motion press the bar overhead with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended.   NO jerking will be allowed.

Box Jumps: The athlete must finish on top of the box with hips and knees fully extended before performing the next rep.  No bounding off the box and then reaching extension.