Team SuperFit Richmond Workout 1

Thruster Ladder

Novice Women:  55-65-75-85-95-105-115-125-135-145

Novice Men: 75-95-115-125-135-145-155-165-175-185

RX Women: 65-85-105-115-125-135-145-155-165-175

RX Men: 115-135-155-165-175-185-195-205- 215-225


Rules: Teams will get 35 seconds at each bar to complete 6 reps.  There will be a 10 second transition to the next bar.  Once a team cannot complete 6 reps, the workout is over.  Reps may be partitioned in any manner.  Only one person may work at a time.  For teams that reach the final bar(s) they will complete as many reps as possible as a tiebreaker.

Thrusters:  Athletes must pass through a full squat and in one continuous motion press the bar overhead with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended.   NO jerking will be allowed.

Dalton Byerly

Richmond VA 23220, United STates