SFNC 2016 Pro Division Workout 2

8 Minute Cap

50 Wall Balls

10 Muscle Ups

50 T2B

10 Muscle Ups


Rules:  Athletes will receive 8 minutes to complete the workout.  They will be assessed a one second penalty for each rep not completed within the time cap.


Wall Balls: The athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) and contact the line/target at or above the appropriate level.

Muscle Ups:  Athletes must begin each rep with the arms fully extended and must finish with the arms fully extended before attempting the next rep.

T2B:  The feet must break the plane of the bar with both feet MAKING CONTACT with the bar inside the athlete’s hands AT THE SAME TIME.  The bar may be touched with the toes, top, or bottom of the feet.