SuperFit Lorton 2016 Workout 3


40 Double Unders (RX/M40+) - 20 (Novice/M50+)

5 Clean/Jerks (155/105 RX) (135/85 M 40+) (115/75 N/M50+)

Rules:  Athletes will have 6 minutes to complete as many reps as possible.  Scoring will be total reps.

Double Unders:  The rope must completely pass under the feet twice.  If the rope is trapped under the feet on the second pass, the rep does not count.Clean and Jerk:  The bar must be pulled from the floor each rep to the shoulder.  The athlete must finish with the bar overhead with hips, knees, and arms fully extended/locked out at the top of the movement.  Squat cleans, power, and hang cleans with a split jerk, push jerk, push press, or strict press are all acceptable.