Bel Air

Team SuperFit Bel Air 2017 - Workout 3


(Novice Teams)

10 minute cap

15 Pullups

30 Burpees over rower

15 T2B

30 Cal Row



(RX Teams)

10 minute cap

30 C2B Pullups

30 Burpees over rower

30 T2B

30 Cal Row

Rules: Team must complete the workout within the 10 minute cap.  They will be assessed a one second penalty for each rep not completed within the cap.

C2B Pullups:  The chest must make contact with the bar at or below the collar bones.  The arms must be fully extended at the bottom of the movement.  Novice athletes will do regular pullups.  The chin must break the plane of the bar and arms should be fully extended at the bottom of the movement.

T2B:  The feet must break the vertical plane of the bar with both feet MAKING CONTACT with the bar inside the athlete’s hands.  The bar may be touched with the toes, top, or bottom of the feet.

Burpees:  Will be performed with a hand release over the rower.  The athlete must touch their chest to the floor, visibly lift hands from the ground, then jump over the bar for a rep to count.  On the jump, feet DO NOT have to leave and land at the same time but both feet must come off the ground during the jump over the bar.  No ‘divebombing’ over the rower!  The feet MUST touch the floor before the hands when jumping over the bar!


Team SuperFit Bel Air 2017 - Workout 2


4 HSPU (STOH novice 95/65)

4 Hang Squat Clean (155/105) (95/65)



Rules:  Teams will receive 9 minutes to complete as many reps of the couplet as possible.  Each round, reps will increase by (4).  Teams will keep climbing the ladder until time expires.  Score will be total reps.

HSPU: Hands may not be placed outside of the mats.  The athlete must kick up to the wall in a full lockout position before attempting the first repetition.  The head must make contact with the mat and the arms must be fully locked out at the top, with both feet against the wall.  For the STOH, the bar must go from the shoulder to an overhead position with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended and the feet under the hips.  Push Press, push jerks, split jerks, and strict presses are all acceptable.

Hang Squat Cleans: The bar must be pulled from below the hip with the athlete passing through a full squat and finishing with the hips and knees full extended and the elbows in front of the bar before attempting the next rep.  A hang power clean in a front squat will be acceptable.

Team SuperFit Bel Air 2017 - Workout 1

In 8 Minutes

30 Cal Bike

15 Snatch (115/75 RX) (95/65 N)

20 Cal Bike

10 Snatch (135/85 RX) (95/65 N)

10 Cal Bike

5 Snatch (155/85 RX) (95/65 N)

*w/ remaining time Max Calories


Rules: Team will have 8 minutes to complete the workout.  With the remaining time, teams will complete as many calories on the bike as possible.  The workout will be scored as two separate events.

Snatch:  The bar must touch the floor each and finish overhead with the knees, hips, and elbows fully extended.  The feet must be under the hips.  Press-outs are allowed, but cannot be turned into a clean and jerk/press.  Bar cannot touch the shoulders or head, cannot be pressed out from below eye level, and cannot complete stop or descend after the bar has passed the hips.  Deadlift into hang snatch is allowed.  Full “squat” snatches and split snatches are allowed, but not required.

Assault Bike:  An athlete must remain on the bike until the requisite number of calories is met.