Team SuperFit Richmond 2019 - Workout 1

13 minutes

1 Mile Run

3 RM Front Squat

Rules:  Teams will have 13 minutes to complete a one mile run and a three rep max front squat.  The run will be completed in a 4x400m relay. Teammates will alternate 400m runs. After the one mile run is complete, teams will have the remaining time to establish the three rep max front squat.  Teams will receive two scores for the workout, mile time and total weight lifted. All competitors will use a 45# bar.

Run:  Athletes will alternate 400m runs until the mile is completed.  Time is complete when the last athlete crosses the finish line at the garage door.  

Front Squat:  With the bar racked at the shoulders, the athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) and stand up with the hips and knees fully extended

Team SuperFit DC 2018 - Workout 3

For Time:

13 Minute Cap

75 Calorie Row

1200m Run w/ 45# plate

75 Calorie Row

Rules:  Teams will receive 13 minutes to complete the workout.  They will be assessed a one second penalty for each rep not committed within the time cap.  The run will count as 1 “rep”. Athletes will run together. Work on the second row cannot begin until both teammates are in their lane.

Row: Only one person rows at a time.  A teammate may help strap in their teammate or switch the damper.  They may not pull on the change when switching rowers. Only one person rows at a time.

Plate Run:  Teammates will run together.  The plate must be carried at all times by at least one athlete.  

Team SuperFit DC 2017 - Workout 3

In 12 minutes…

800m tether run

Max Calorie Row


Rules:  Teams will begin workout by completing an 800m run.  With the remaining time, teams will row for as many calories as possible.  Score will be total calories.

Run:  Each teammate must hold on to the rope throughout the 800m.

Rown:  Teammates may switch at any point.  Competitors will be allowed to adjust their partner’s feet straps and dampers.  Competitors will not be allowed to pull on the handle while their partner is getting on/off the rower.