axle deadlift

SuperFit Games ECC 2015 Final Workout

For Time:

40 T2B

50’ Handstand Walk

30 Box Jump Overs (30/24)

30 Pistols

20 Axle Deadlifts (275/185)

30 Pistols

10 Snatches (175/115)

Rules:  Athletes will complete the chipper.  There will be no time cap.  Athlete will complete a movement then move down their lane to complete the next.  They will travel down their lane 3 times.  First, for a handstand walk, the second and thirds trips will consist of 30 pistol squats each.  The first set of pistols will be done in three sets of ten reps.  The first set will be at bodyweight, the second set will be performed with a 16kg/12kg kettlebell respectively, the third set will be performed with a 24kg/16kg kettlebell respectively.  For the second round of pistols, athletes will perform their three sets of 10 beginning with the heaviest KB and finishing with bodyweight.  The workout is complete after the 10th snatch is performed.