follow the leader

Team SuperFit Charlotte - Workout 2

11 minute cap


Front Squat (155/105 RX) (115/75 N)

Hang Clean (155/105 RX) (115/75 N)


Rules: Teams will have 11 minutes to complete the workout.  Coed teams will split into coed pairs.  The workout will completed in a follow the leader style format.  Pair 1 completes 30 fronts squats.  Pair 2 completes 30 Front Squats.  Pair 1 will then begin work on the 30 hang cleans then pair 2 will complete the 30 hang cleans.  The pattern will follow in the same manner for the round of 20 and the round of 10.

Hang Cleans: The bar must start below the hip and finish at the shoulders with the hips and knees fully extended and the elbows in front of the bar.   Hang squat cleans, hang power cleans, deadlifts into hang cleans, are all acceptable.

Front Squats: With the bar racked at the shoulders, the athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) finishing with the hips and knees fully extended at the top of the movement.