Team SuperFit Charlotte January 2017 | Workout 1

3 rounds

In 3 minute complete

30 Box Jumps (MM RX 30) (MF and FF RX 24) (MM Novice 24) (MF and FF Novice 20)


Max Rep Snatch (135/85 RX) (95/65 N)

Rules:  The workout will be three, three minute rounds.  There will be no transition between rounds.  At the top of each three minute round teams will complete 30 Box Jumps.  With the remaining time of the round teams will complete as many snatches as possible.  Rd. 1 (135/85 RX) (95/65 N), Rd. 2 (155/105 RX) (115/75 N), Rd. 3 (185/125 RX) (135/85 N).  Score will be total snatch reps.  Only one person works at a time.  Teammates may switch at any point.

Box Jumps: The athlete must finish on top of the box with hips and knees fully extended before performing the next rep.  No bounding off the box and then reaching extension.  

Snatch:  The bar must touch the floor each time and finish overhead with the knees, hips, and elbows fully extended.  The feet must be under the hips.  Press-outs are allowed, but cannot be turned into a clean and jerk/press.  The bar cannot touch the shoulders or head, cannot be pressed out from below eye level, and cannot completely stop or descend after the bar has passed the hips.  Deadlift into hang snatch is allowed.  A full squat is not required.