Team SuperFit DC 2019 - Workout 2

 In 10 minutes:

Row 100 Cals (as a team)

*with remaining time*


10 Deadlifts (155/105 RX) (135/85 M40+) (115/75 N)

5 Clean/Jerks (155/105 RX) (135/85 M40+) (115/75 N)

Rules:  Teams will begin the workout with a 100 calorie row.  With the remaining time, teams will then complete as many reps as possible above the couplet.  Only one person works at a time. Teammates may switch at any point. Score will be total reps of the couplet.  

Row:  Teams will row until they reach 100 calories.

Deadlifts:  Must be pulled from the floor each rep with the hips and knees fully extended at the top of the movement with the shoulders behind the bar.  NO BOUNCING!

Clean and Jerk: The bar must be pulled from the floor each rep to the shoulder. The athlete must finish with the bar overhead with hips, knees, and arms fully extended/locked out at the top of the movement. Squat cleans, power, and hang cleans with a split jerk, push jerk, push press, or strict press are all acceptable.